AeroSaver® Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirt

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  • Lightweight blend of polypropylene and fiberglass panels are rigid enough to prevent movement in all driving conditions, yet flexible enough to yield when they encounter obstacles

  • Fuel savings of up to 7% can be obtained by reducing drag from the underside of the trailers

  • Averages up to 6″ of additional ground clearance over standard side skirts, reducing the risk of damage without altering fuel savings or performance

  • Three-piece panels to simplify installation for an individual and provide economical shipping and storage

  • Patented QuickMount brackets accept the pre-assembled SkirtTrack channel while still leaving room for adjustability before securing in place


  • Intended for a 53′ trailer
  • Packaged set is enough to do both sides of the trailer, consists of skirting, supports and hardware
  • Support hardware is RoadKote


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