AeroFlap® Aerodynamic Mud Flap (AF-19)

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  • The AF-19 is a 19″ wide version sized specifically for wide-base tires


  • Unique pattern channels airflow in different, complimentary directions which saves fuel by reducing drag. Studies confirm a pair of non-aerodynamic mud flaps increases fuel consumption by .5 – 1%
  • Reduces spray by not atomizing or “smashing” water droplets, creating a safer environment for everyone on the road
  • Eliminates the need for anti-sail brackets
  • Reduces maintenance costs by venting excess heat around tires and brakes
  • Only aerodynamic mud flap designed for use with angled and shortie brackets
  • Stacks neatly and nests on shipping skids
  • Works in Synergy with U.S. EPA’s Smartway Program for truck/trailer aerodynamics


  • Available in black
  • Custom colors available upon request. Minimum order quantity and one time set-up fee may be required
  • Available in 24″ and 30″ lengths
  • Part number represents 1 flap


Build AeroFlap® Aerodynamic Mud Flap (AF-19)

Choose Flap Style and Length

  • Shortie
  • Straight