Vertical Anti-Theft Rack

part no. 080-ATR-20

weight: 9.5

dimensions: 12 x 7 x 5 in

pop code: 

Lock-up your cargo bars and protect your investment with the Save-A-Bar Rack

  • Can be locked with any padlock to prevent load bar theft
  • Holds up to three load bars
  • Molded rubber compartments securely holds any size load bar
  • Powder-coated steel for high strength
  • Stainless steel hinge for extended use
  • Includes universal mounting plates and mounting hardware
  • Protect and secure your load bar investment and lock up your load bars with our exclusive Save-A-Bar Rack.

Finding a way to store cargo load bars when not in use has always been a challenge. Cargo bars need to be secure during transit when they are not in use to avoid becoming projectiles in an accident.

Racks easily attach to any truck, providing safe and secure storage of unused cargo bars. The hinged cover locks in place with a padlock (not included) adding additional security. Save-A-Bar Rack will protect your cargo bars by easily snapping into the molded rubber compartments, even with the front cover open. The rack is made of high-strength, powder-coated steel with a stainless steel hinge ensuring long lasting use.