Spray Master® with SlideTrax FRX Series Full Round Fenders

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Spray Master’s® injection molded polypropylene construction won’t rust or corrode and is more durable and forgiving than aluminum. The side valances and molded ribs on the under side of the Spray Master® are designed to provide superior spray suppression which not only keeps equipment cleaner, but helps prevent objects such as stones from damaging finish and breaking mirrors and windows. The lightweight material also increases cargo capacity, improving load to run efficiency. Plus, the Spray Master® is easy to care for…no painting or polishing is necessary as all colors are stabilized with a UV additive for fade resistance.


  • Lightweight, high density polypropylene material is tougher than the polyethylene used in other plastic fenders
  • Injection molded guarantees controlled uniformity and consistency of thickness resulting in a stronger component, unlike rotational molded where consistent thickness is not controlled.
  • Thru color stabilized with UV additive for fade resistance
  • Integrally molded ribs for added strength and spray reduction
  • Unaffected by heat and cold–range of -40°F to 130°F (-40°C to 55°C)
  • Support straps on the underside of the fender bolt each hanger in four places which locks the supports in place resulting in an excellent connection by “sandwiching” the fender between the two components
  • Connector kit, curved brush kit, and flap reinforcing straps sold separately
  • Individual fender includes fender only


  • Each Bulk Set includes two fenders, support kits, and necessary support-to-fender and support-to-bracket stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Mounting hardware includes stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, and allen head set screws
  • Standard colors include: Black, Silver/Gray, White, Red
  • Custom colors are available upon request. Minimum order quantity and one time set-up fee may be required
  • Support packaged sets not assembled to fenders
  • For individual replacement fender part numbers, please download our catalog.


  • Flap weights are NOT recommended and may void the warranty
  • Painting Spray Master® poly fenders is NOT recommended and may void the warranty.  If painting is desired, a Flex Agent MUST be added to the paint!




Build Spray Master® with SlideTrax FRX Series Full Round Fenders

Choose Wheel Size and Color

  • Silver / Gray
  • Red
  • White
  • Black