One Easy Choice.

Choosing the right fenders for your application can take some serious thought. Do you want poly or metal, 19” or 22”, quarter fenders, full rounds, single or double radius, with Slide Trax adjustable fenders or without -- and that’s not to mention multiple color and finish options. And once you do settle on the perfect fender, you don’t want to start all over again picking from a myriad of pieces and parts to assemble your mounting hardware package.

Fleet Engineers makes it both simple, and comprehensive. Every Fleet Engineers fender is available with a complete set of mounting hardware, we call them “Quick Picks.” With Quick Picks, you can simply select Economy, Standard, or Premium and get complete kits with every washer, nut, bolt and bar delivered to fit your fender, your truck.

Economy Quick Picks packages are fully warrantied, and fully functional. They do the job, and are our lowest price option.

Standard Quick Picks packages are custom designed for every fender, and they have been fleet tested in hundreds of field applications.

Premium Quick Picks packages offer premium distinctions – like chrome plating, additional offsets or greater adjustability.

The important thing is you choose what’s best for you. Fleet Engineers’ delivers everything you need in one box to mount one fender!

And if down the line you need a particular replacement part, with Quick Picks it is easy to identify that part, and easy for Fleet Engineers to send you the exact part you need.

Quick Picks – the perfect compliment to the great family of Fleet Engineers’ fenders.

Full Rounds Mounting Hardware

Single Radius Mounting Hardware

Double Radius Mounting Hardware

Our Fleet Engineers’ Customer Service Representatives are here to help you select the perfect mounting hardware for your fender selections and for your application.

Call us at 1-800-336-7778

Made in the USA

For all of us who still care about such things, it’s good to know that all Spray Master, AeroSlipper, and CrossTube fenders and brackets are designed and manufactured in the USA, right here at our Muskegon, Michigan campus.